Women's Economic Empowerment: What We Measure And Why It Matters

Webinar Video

Seminar description:

The debate on measuring women's economic empowerment is evolving rapidly. With conceptual foundations in Kabeer (2002), pioneer instruments around women's autonomy and decision making (such as those utilized in the Demographic and Health Surveys) and IFPRI's Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) are now increasingly seeing competing and complementary instruments to reflect a better understanding of the concept itself and practitioners' needs for impact evaluation. Yet current tensions exist between practitioners' need for conformity across metrics and the reality of context and cultural specific representation of women's economic empowerment.

This 2-hour webinar covered state of the art research on measurement of women's economic empowerment. A diverse panel of experts from the worlds of research, policy and practice discussed contemporary challenges, opportunities and approaches for measuring this complex concept.

Expert panelists:

  • Sonia Laszlo (McGill University) (Facilitator)
  • Arjan de Haan (International Development Research Centre)
  • Francois-Philippe Dubé (Global Affairs Canada)
  • Lindsay Mossman (Aga Khan Foundation Canada).

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