Women's Empowerment in Development Lab

Run by the Institute for the Study of International Development. This Lab is bridging the gap between academics, practitioners and policy makers in Canada and globally on issues related to women's empowerment in developing countries.

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Ongoing Research

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Assessing the impact of cash transfer programs on women's empowerment in Tanzania

This project examines how conditional cash transfers can help poor women overcome economic vulnerabilities, and assess their potential to transform household and community gender relations.

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Growth and economic opportunities for women (GrOW) Research Series

The GrOW Research Series is advancing scholarly research on women’s economic empowerment and economic growth in low-income countries.

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Cash transfers, fertility and women's empowerment

This project evaluates whether the Peruvian Conditional Cash Transfer program JUNTOS has influenced mothers' fertility behaviour and bargaining power within the household.

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Barriers and working pathways to women’s political participation in Myanmar

This project will assess women’s role in the political process in Myanmar at both the state and federal levels. It is one of two studies being led by ISID Professor Franque Grimard under IDRC and Global Affairs Canada’s Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar initiative.

About the Lab

The Women’s Empowerment in Development (WED) Lab is housed at McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID). It is facilitated by Dr. Sonia Laszlo, Lab Program Lead and Director at ISID.

Purpose of the Lab

  • Advance knowledge

    Advance knowledge creation, dissemination and outreach on issues of women’s empowerment in global development.

  • Strengthen the evidence-base

    Strengthen the evidence-base on what works, and does not work, to empower women in developing countries.

  • Understand the role of policy

    Understand how social and economic policy can help in providing real development solutions to eliminate global gender inequality.

  • Enable experts

    Enable researchers, policy makers and practitioners, including CSOs and NGOs, to address global forms of gender inequality.

  • Eliminate barriers

    Understand and eliminate the barriers that prevent women in developing countries from reaching their full potential, and from fully engaging with the economy, political systems and communities in which they live.

Our Partners

We work collaboratively with researchers, policy makers and practitioners, including NGOs and CSOs, to address global forms of gender inequality. Our work is made possible by the generous support of our partners.

Work With Us

We are always looking for dynamic partners from the academic, private and public sectors to work with us. Contact us for more information.

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