The WED Lab, in partnership with Canada's International Development Research Centre and funding from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council hosted a series of seven research-to-practice training seminars in 2019 for students, scholars, practitioners and policymakers on state of the art research in core areas of women’s empowerment in development.

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WED Lab - Special COVID-19 Webinar Series

Past events

  • Examining policy solutions to address the impact of COVID-19 on women in the Global South

    18 August, 2020

  • Using a gender lens to address COVID-19 response in Refugee Settings

    4 August, 2020

  • How can we adopt a gender lens to social protection programs in the face of the COVID-19 crisis?

    23 July, 2020

  • Effects of COVID-19 on Girls' Education in the Global South

    14 July, 2020

  • COVID-19 and Gender Based Violence in the Global South

    2 July, 2020

  • COVID-19: Household Structures, Fertility, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Global South

    23 June, 2020

  • COVID-19 and the Care Economy in the Global South

    11 June, 2020

  • Gender Matters: COVID-19 and the labour market in the Global South

    28 May, 2020

Women’s empowerment in development research-to-practice training seminars

Past events

  • Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship in the Transition to Low-Carbon Economies

    11 December, 2019

  • Using Quantitative Methodologies to Study Women's Empowerment

    24 October, 2019

  • Social Norms and Women's Empowerment

    24 September, 2019

  • Using Qualitative Feminist Methodologies to Study Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality

    9 September, 2019

  • Conditional Cash Transfers and Women’s Economic Empowerment

    14 June, 2019

  • Feminist and Gender-Transformative Financial Inclusion

    23 May, 2019

  • Women's Economic Empowerment: What We Measure And Why It Matters

    31 March, 2019